Yoga ~
1.) Multi faceted practice, origins in India, or perhaps Tibet, centuries ago, having world wide popularity today. Physical postures & Breathing exercises. Points of focus for the mind & spirit. All of these, sequenced and practiced together to create and maintain strong,resilient, Humans.; 2.) To yoke energy, as in harnessing an animal to a plow, or the body to the mind.

Sita - (seeta)
1.) A place in the earth for planting seeds; 2.) Queen to Rama, seventh incarnation of Vishnu; 3.) susannah's beloved dog, she reached maha samadhi, november 28, 2013.

Yogasita ~
a yoga school formerly located in san francisco's potero hill neighborhood, closed with loving help of the yogis, december 2013, due to steep rent increase. susannah has been teaching since 1995 and practicing yoga for 27 years. enjoy the opportunity to study with her in your home or work place in 2014; see schedule page. check back for pop up classes, retreats, workshops and news

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Yogi's Thoughts on Yoga with Susannah

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mail address:
susannah bruder / yogasita
1459 18th street no.280
san francisco ca 94107
415.864.7482 (SITA)